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* The server is offline. Service may be revived at a later time *

Server time:

Ways to Connect

  1. Connect with the above web client (encrypted)
  2. Telnet to (plain text connection)
  3. Connect to via SSL Websocket (encrypted)
  4. Connect to via SSL-tunneled Telnet (encrypted)

The following should work in Linux to connect via SSL-tunneled Telnet. After this is running, telnet to 2002 to connect.

socat tcp-listen:2002,fork,reuseaddr,bind=

The advantage of figuring out how to use ports 2001 or 2003 to connect is that your connection to the server no longer travels across the public Internet in plain text. Having privacy in this regard has become the expectation on the Internet, even for trivial video games.

I have no copy-paste working solutions for macOS or Windows. However, I believe that the solution I have for Linux can work on macOS with utilities brought in via Homebrew ( and for Windows with utilities brought in via the Cygwin ( project or by way of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

About This Server

TradeWars 2002 is a BBS-era real-time multiplayer space trading game. To learn more about the game, see the links near the bottom.

Running TWGS v2.20b, registered, via WINE on Arch Linux.
Major Rules and Notes

The Discord chat for this game can be joined via


The current state of some of these tools may be less-than-usable.